We're Get Out There!

An information hub that shares civic, social, and environmental opportunities for young adults in the Greater Vancouver Area.

What are you here to do?

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Our Mission​


Youth are entering a world of climate change, resource scarcity, demographic shifts, and a labour market in which jobs will be rapidly created, altered, or made obsolete by technology.


It’s also becoming more challenging for youth to discover what role they can play in society that will give them a sense of purpose, community, and security, while working towards a sustainable future.


We exist to inspire and enable youth to Get Out There and tackle civic, social, and environmental challenges by connecting them to resources and opportunities.

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"This page is such a gold mine. I’ve gotten so much exposure to opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise known about and have applied to several programs that were featured. I also got thinking about projects I’m passionate about because of the grant opportunities shared on the page. Currently, I’m completing a freelance internship at Riipen, which I learned about from your page!"

Business, Philosophy, and Law Undergraduate Student, SFU

What We Do

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Information Hub​

We are the community notice board for youth. By creating a centralized platform for sharing opportunities, we ensure that organizations reach a diverse youth audience and that youth never miss out!

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Mentorship & Guidance​

Navigating our complex world
can be overwhelming. Our youth mentors and Life 101 articles provide guidance on everything from getting the most out of university to setting up personal finances.

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Community Highlights​

Organizations and individuals are leading innovative projects all over the city. Our videos and articles highlight those initiatives and the people behind them to inspire youth into action!

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