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Get Out There aims to be an online hub for information
about civic, social, and environmental opportunities in Greater Vancouver for young adults aged 16-29.

Sound amazing? It's almost a reality, but we need your help! Read on to see how your expert knowledge can help thousands of young people.

  • Youth are entering a world of climate change, resource scarcity, demographic shifts, and a labour market in which "jobs will be rapidly created, altered, or made obsolete by technology". (ref)

  • It's becoming more challeng-ing for youth to discover what role they can play in society that will give them a sense of purpose, community, and security, while working toward a more sustainable future.

  • This resource allows youth to:

    • explore opportunities they didn't know existed

    • make sense of changing labour trends

    • connect with organizations, ideas and individuals that are creating positive impact

  • You're a dedicated community member, student, mentor, leader, or employee.

  • Someone admires you and sent you here because they know that you hold valuable information and lived experience.

  • You know about one or several awesome programs, grants, opportunities, and/or useful resources.

  • You can spare 5 minutes to help thousands of young people.

  1. Think of the 10 best opportunities you know of in Greater Vancouver.

    These can include:

    • Grants & scholarships

    • Personal development or professional programs

    • Community groups

    • Online resources

    • Events & retreats

    • Organizations that are doing good work in the community

  2. Click the button below and tell us about these opportunities so that you can change someone's life!

  3. Send this website to 3 people who you admire and think would be able to contribute.

You're here because...

The best way you can help:

We're doing this because...

We believe that Get Out There will enable future young leaders to make even greater change in their local communities and in our global economies.

If you know of any programs or resources that would help them (and stop them from Googling the above),
please fill out this form and share with your networks!