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Get Out There is still in it's infancy, and we're working hard to connect young people with all the amazing individuals and organizations in Vancouver, BC.

If you're working on a project that has any positive social, economic, political, and/or environmental impact please send us an email, we'd love to learn more. Or, if you are running a youth-focused program, please reach out.

If you know of any resources (grants, programs, websites, etc...) feel free to pass those along as well.

 Get to know Jared



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 Get to know Eliane



I’m Eliane Bowden, creator of Get Out There.

In all honesty, I was a fairly average and uninvolved child growing up. Although I had interests, I wasn’t involved in my community, never mastered a school subject, and shied away from intimidating topics. Until about a year ago, my plan was to eventually exit society and live off grid.

I’m telling you this because for most of my life, I did the exact opposite of get out there. Crippled by the seemingly limitless number of world issues and my own limited capabilities, I stayed in and I stayed out of most things that seemed beyond my control.

That mindset changed in my third year while studying business at SFU, and I’ve learned how crucial it is to overcome such feelings of indifference and hopelessness. With the help of others, I am learning how to join the voices and actions of those fighting to build a healthier, more equitable and just world. I’m aiming to bring as many people as possible along for the ride - because if I can Get Out There, so can others!

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