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 Why we created Get Out There

"Damn. I wish I had known about that..."


Our city is full of amazing programs, resources, and organizations... if you know where to look. In this era of information overload and niche organizational jargon, it can be almost impossible to stumble upon opportunities in areas of interest outside your own.


The idea for Get Out There started after talking to students and working young professionals. We found that many didn't know about things like project grants, programs for which they would be a great fit, or careers in civic, social, and environmental spaces. I thought “wouldn’t it be a great idea to have all these things in one place?”


The goal is to have Get Out There on the radar of every young person and education provider in Vancouver, before spreading across Canada.

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 About Eliane


Hello, I'm Eliane Bowden, the creator of Get Out There! I'm a recent graduate of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a Communications & Engagement Coordinator at RADIUS SFU. In my spare time I volunteer for Public Disco, and practice Hustle on Tuesdays. I love hiking and pottery. You can learn more about me at my personal website.

Join Our Team!


We're always looking for people to join this project. Are you curious, creative, playful, self-motivated, and values-driven? Do you care about civic engagement, the environment, sustainability, justice & equity, lifelong learning, and helping youth fulfill their potential? Then we'd like to hear from you! Email us at eliane@getoutthereproject.com.

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