You're probably wondering why this is all necessary... Let's back up then.

Similar to many students, I spent my first three years at university feeling unengaged with the course content and disinterested in future job prospects.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a life-changing program that introduced me to an entire community of socially driven organizations and the concept of social innovation.

All I could think was:

This was my first time learning of people in my community leading initiatives around the incredible concept of social impact and realizing that we as young people have the power to affect meaningful social, economic, and cultural change.

Why haven't I heard about these people and opportunities before?!

Maybe you could've tried Googling it...

There are actually a number of reasons why it’s difficult
for young people to discover work they love that also has a
positive social impact.


Here are the top three:

While learning institutions do their best to equip students with the skills necessary for employment, they don’t cultivate in youths the ability to discern what forms of employment they’ll find fulfilling, and they have difficulty exposing them to unique employment opportunities.

Only 32% of NGOs globally have a social media strategy. This means that in terms of brand awareness, they and other socially driven organizations tend to operate in the shadows of businesses that have more engaging social media presences.

Plenty of information about organizations and foundations can be found online. However, there are no online resources that compile such information into one place, in a way that is user friendly... If there is, I’ve never found it (case in point).

Do young people even care? I thought they only care about avocado toast.

Of course we do! Climate change = no more avocado toast. But let's set the record straight.  We do care . Some of us just don't know where to start due to two hefty barriers*:

exist outside of ‘typical’ job descriptions

We're unaware that alternative life paths and opportunities

identifying and pursuing those opportunities

We can't find  actionable steps that will guide us in

OK, so why are young people so important, and why use
social media?

The global consensus is that we need positive economic, social, political, and environmental change. Leaders around the world know that the most effective way is through Gen Z and Gen Y.

 In 2019, Gen Z will comprise the largest portion of the global population (32%). In the coming years, we will contribute the most to economic activity, political decisions, and will inherit the greatest environmental challenges of our time.  

 If we want to change the world, then we need
Gen Z on board!



 Because 94% of young Americans frequent YouTube, and 81% surf Instagram on a daily basis, video content and social media look to be the greatest catalyst for action in young adults. To push youth in this direction, we aim to provide practical, compelling, well-researched guidance."inspo

We believe that Get Out There has the potential to inspire the younger generation to make even greater change in both small and large businesses, in their local communities, and in our global economies.

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