Applications for RADIUS Fellowship are Open!

The RADIUS Fellowship has existed since 2015 as the premier professional development opportunity for emerging social innovators from across the Metro Vancouver region. The Fellowship aims to create a space for self-inquiry, personal and professional development, and relationship building.

RADIUS welcomes applications from Fellows who are engaged in any area or sector of work. That said, they do have particular areas of expertise and deeper network connections in the areas of our Labs: Health Promotion, Indigenous Entrepreneurship, Refugee Livelihoods, and the Future of Work. They are also well-oriented to the Future of Education given our work within SFU.

Apply here:

Deadline: January 11


  • You are unhappy with the status quo and working to build better strategies.

  • You’ve got a track record of working on projects that matter to you and society.

  • You recognize you can’t do it alone and you are generous in your approach to working with others.


  • You are seeking out new opportunities to learn about yourself and the systems you live in.

  • You are curious about patterns in our systems and how these show up at the personal and interpersonal scale, and you seek to understand root causes and effects.

  • You experiment and take risks. When it doesn’t work out, you ask why, and then you try again.


  • You are committed to finding a way to make local, equitable, positive change.

  • You are invested in this place and in our local communities (and in keeping other awesome folks here too!)

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