Apply to CityHive's Envirolab 2

Are you 18-30 and have interested in tackling urban sustainability challenges impacting Metro Vancouver? Want to be part of a group of young individuals working together on  building projects, enterprises and initiatives that contribute to addressing environmental challenges? 

This spring, CityHive will be running its second iteration of Envirolab on Climate Emergency! Over 5 lab sessions and a public pitch event, the Envirolab will convene a group of 30 people under 30 to work with local governments and community organizations/leaders to learn about Metro Vancouver’s stance and gaps on climate emergency in order to equip participants with the resources and support to design and implement solutions. 

Questions to be explored in the program include: 

  • What does a climate emergency declaration mean for a city, for institutions, and for businesses, and what are the scales and measurements of success to ensure that actual actions are implemented? 

  • How can we address the gap that currently exists between needing necessary bold action action that scientists and activists are demanding with the slow pace of policy making? 

  • How can governments better involve youth in the decision-making process when proposing new innovative ways to create change at the local level? 

Whether you consider yourself a well-read sustainability keener, a designer, an entrepreneur, a horticulturalist, or are simply just curious about the challenges and opportunities in the space of urban sustainability, we’d love for you to participate! 

If this sounds inspiring and interesting to you, follow the link below to learn more and apply to become part of our second Envirolab cohort!

Deadline to apply for this opportunity is Sunday, February 2nd, at 11:59pm.

The Climate Emergency Envirolab would not be possible without the generous support of Vancity Credit Union, and the Lawson Foundation. In addition, the Envirolab is made possible by our wonderful Steering Committee, comprised of Vancouver Economic Commission, Vancity Credit Union, The City of Vancouver, Evergreen, Burnaby Board of Trade, One Earth, and Share Reuse Repair Initiative. 

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