Why youth, and why social media?

The global consensus is that we need positive economic, social, political, and environmental change. Leaders around the world know that the most effective way is through Gen Z and Gen Y.

 In 2019, Gen Z will comprise the largest portion of the global population (32%). In the coming years, we will contribute the most to economic activity, political decisions, and will inherit the greatest environmental challenges of our time.  

 If we want to change the world, then we need
Gen Z on board!



 Because 94% of young Americans frequent YouTube, and 81% surf Instagram on a daily basis, video content and social media look to be the greatest catalyst for action in young adults. To push youth in this direction, we aim to provide practical, compelling, well-researched guidance."inspo

We believe that Get Out There has the potential to inspire the younger generation to make even greater change in both small and large businesses, in their local communities, and in our global economies.

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